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The amusingly­ named brand was founded in 2001 by fashion designer Hagit Witman.  While deliberating on a name for a brand that was new, cheeky, vibrant and attractive, a sudden humorous play on words created the name Fishndag.
At first, apart from wedding dresses, the brand dealt mainly with casual fashion. Its collections were sold in leading stores in Israel and around the world. In recent years, we’ve decided to focus on wedding dresses and evening dresses. 
Our personal interaction with customers has yielded successful results and beautiful brides, who have branded Fishndag as a leader in the field of alternative wedding dresses and eveningwear. In the last decade, we’ve developed our ability to meet the needs of our customers on all levels and at all the stages along the way, from choosing the most appealing dress up to the the tiniest of details in creating the perfect look.
The central part of the experience is the process built up with the designer during the creation of the new dress, and the fitting of the dress to meet personal needs and desires, with everything that comes along with that. In our opinion, there’s no room in today’s world for crinolines and corsets, and a proliferation of elements doesn’t necessarily make a more beautiful or attractive dress. We believe that less is more. 


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